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Meet Rev. LeVaughn McPherson

An Ordained Spiritual Companion & Birth Doula hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

As a mother of two, a lover of autonomy, a co-facilitator of strength, peace and confidence. I use reverence, intuition, and love to serve those on the journey of birth, healing, and self empowerment.


KindledMinds Services

Birthing, Bonding & Healing

Birth Doula Care

Provide emotional, physical, informational support and advocacy to create an empowered birth experience.

All support includes *evidence based care, *birth preferences, *prenatal counseling, *power start breastfeeding support, *acupressure & any other skill/resource I'm called to offer. 

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Emotional & Spiritual clutter accumulated from everyday living often complicates both pregnancy & birth.


Powerful option for those who are undergoing Fertility Treatment & those who could benefit from emotional support prior to and after birth.


Here, you are given the space to resolve resentment, pain, and upsets to better pave the way to a healthy pregnancy and birthing experience.

$85 Per session

*In person, phone or zoom

Power Start Breastfeeding

Nervous about Breastfeeding and wondering how you will make it through the first few days let alone months to come?


Using Evidence Based Care. Learn essential practices and life hacks that address anxieties, establish a great connection with the baby, promote self care and more in order to create a thriving breastfeeding life.


This is Not your average Breastfeeding Instruction!

$165 for 2 hr session

*In person only

Mother's Blessing

Pregnancy & Birth are events that mark an important and life altering stage of life.


The witnessing, celebration and honoring of the one who enters the folds of Motherhood is accomplished through this Ceremony.


An alternative to Baby Showers that offers great intimacy, support and strength leading into the actual birth.


Request your FREE Consultation here!!!

$349-$399 depending on customization & travel. Serving All NYC & NJ

Birth Reclaiming

Do you feel a sense of failure, defeat and brokenness because of a prior birthing experience not going the way that you ideally hoped for? 


Are you having difficulties resolving the feelings of regret, disappointment or even anger?


This powerful ceremony allows you the space to resolve those emotions and come to a place of healing, peace and resolve as you Reclaim Your Birth!

Request your FREE Consultation here!!!

$249-$349 depending on customization & travel. Serving All NYC & NJ

Baby Naming & Baby Blessings

Now that your newborn is here! How do you show reverence for being chosen as a parent? How do you introduce family and friends to Earth's newest occupant?

How does one meaningfully and lovingly honor & welcome the baby and the journey that has been taken?

Whether you are agnostic, have spiritual or multi-faith beliefs - Baby Naming & Blessing ceremonies are customized for the uniqueness of you and your beliefs and values!

Request your FREE Consultation here!!!

$349-$399 depending on customization & travel.

Serving All NYC & NJ

Spiritual Companioning

Spiritual Companioning is a process of inquiry around the truths of the heart and soul that helps to transform hindering life experiences, habits, or beliefs.


All while leaning on the wisdom and connecting to your Spirituality and/or the Divine itself.


It provides: Non judgmental  support; A renewed sense of self; A shift in energy & the ability to manage challenges; And healthier perspectives around past traumatic experiences.

Request your FREE 40 minute session Today!

*In person, phone or zoom

Milestone Celebrations

Ceremonies that acknowledge life's most special moments while honoring your beliefs around Spirituality and Religion are needed now more than ever before!


Are you Spiritual but not religious and want to honor and celebrate a certain milestone?


Want to get married, and you and your partner have different religious/spiritual beliefs?


Inquire about Weddings & other Rites of Passage Ceremonies here!

Energy Healing

Reiki & Theta Healing for overall Emotional & Spiritual well being. Food & Self Care for the Soul.

$85 per session

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