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KindledMinds was created upon the acknowledgment that non judgmental listening, acceptance, & support transforms lives and increases wellbeing.

KindledMinds is a suite of services that honors, empowers, and celebrates the Individual with tools and support that release beliefs & emotions that get in the way of joyful living.

Whether you are a 1st time Black or Latino pregnant person, or simply ready to transform your life, and relationships. You will be loved, uplifted and companioned through it all! 

About Rev. LeVaughn

Rev. LeVaughn McPherson is committed to a ministry of serving and healing, providing spiritual counseling, birth doula services and interfaith ceremonies for life events. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Rev. LeVaughn is passionate in her calling to provide strongly grounded services to remove emotional blocks to wellbeing, health and the full expression of life. 


She is an Interfaith Minister & Counselor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, and Certified Life Coach, Other certifications include Subconscious Release Technique and Evidence-Based/Trauma Informed Care. In 2019, she founded her ministerial services business, KindledMinds LLC. 


With years of experience as a doula, she provides first-time Black and Latino parents with tools and advocacy to navigate the challenging healthcare system, in order to make clear and informed decisions. 


As a fierce advocate for safer healthcare spaces, empowerment and healthier birthing outcomes she has supported families through the unique challenges of pregnancy and delivery during COVID. She has helped clients advocate for uninterrupted births in numerous New York City hospitals and works intently to prevent unnecessary C-sections that can endanger the parent, child and family unit.


She also works with expectant birthers, companioning them through depression, anxiety and relationship troubles so that they be empowered during pregnancy and birth.


Through Rev. LeVaughn’s long association with interfaith seminary One Spirit, for the past two years she has worked as a Student Supervisor, teaching and modeling Spiritual Counseling techniques.

In a previous life on Wall Street, Rev. LeVaughn worked in mutual funds management and quality control of competitive quantitative data before ending her mainstream career in property asset management and mortgage processing.


After many years, Rev. LeVaughn chose to follow her heart into a life of serving and healing, and now finds joy and self-care by putting all her talents and skills to work in her ministry.

Certifications & Trainings

- Interfaith Reverend & Spiritual Counselor

- Birth Doula 

- Subconscious Release Technique (Emotional Support)

- Evidence Based & Trauma Informed Care

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