KindledMinds was created upon the discovery that non judgmental listening and loving others 'just because' transforms lives and builds community.

KindledMinds is a suite of services that honors, empowers, and celebrates the Birther, Baby, Family & Individual by providing an array of tools and resources that assist in Ease, Advocacy, Confidence, Healing and Well informed decision making while giving Birth to either a Newborn or to a New You! 

Whether you are pregnant with a child or pregnant with an idea, situation, or emotion - You will be loved, encouraged and companioned through it all! 

Training & Certifications

- Interfaith/Interspiritual Reverend

- Spiritual Counselor

- Doula/Birth & Postpartum

- Evidenced Based Care

- Evidence Based Breastfeeding

- Acupressure 

- Infant/Child/Adult CPR

- Trauma Informed Care

- Reiki & Theta Healing

My Approach

 Peaceful, Genuine & Attentive


- School of Life, Planet Earth!

- One Spirit Interfaith Alliance

- Mama Glow

What makes me Tick

I Love

Laughter, An Underdog, Soulful Music (70's, 80's, House), Dancing in the Mirror, Morning Meditations, Learning Something New, Trying New Foods, Scenic Landscapes, Being of Service, Lifting Vibrations & Connecting with a Higher Power.

I'm Challenged by 

Abuse of Power, Bullies, & Lack of Respect.

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