Frequently asked questions

Doula Care

What is a Birth and Postpartum Doula?

Doula is a Greek term meaning, Servant. A Doula is a non medical person that supports a birther before, during and after birth by providing informational, physical, emotional support, and advocacy during one of the most vulnerable, but powerful moments in the individual's life. Postpartum Care provides extended support for adjusting to motherhood, managing breastfeeding, newborn care techniques, helping mom heal physically and providing ongoing support for arising needs..

My Husband/Mom/Sister will be there, Do I still need a Doula?

If you are fearful & doubtful of the birthing process, Yes!!! Doula support is not a replacement of the loved ones that are present in your life. I provide specialized experience and training that supports the progression of labor and management of pain and emotions that can be disruptive along the way.

What can you do for me as my Doula?

Your intentions matter! I provide non judgmental and non biased support that caters to your birthing wishes. I keep you reminded of what's important to you, dismantle fears, and support you in making well informed decisions along the way. I am a great companion for those suffering from anxiety, doubt, trauma and fear. I prep you mentally, physically, emotionally, and if desired, spiritually through the process. I support all birthing scenarios, uninterrupted, induced, epidural or csection, all humans regardless of race, faith, or sexual orientation, and all experience levels whether it's your 1st or 5th pregnancy.

What is Evidence Based Care?

"Evidence-based practice uses systematic reviews of the medical literature to evaluate the best evidence on specific clinical topics. The evidence is then translated into practice by medical practitioners who select treatment options for specific cases based on the best research, patient preferences and individual patient characteristics." Evidence-based practice has been shown to increase patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and decrease variation in patient outcomes.


What is a Spiritual Companion?

Someone that you simply sees and hears your needs while walking with you on your path of stepping into the Highest version of you. Supportive dialogue to discover disruptive patterns and emotions and assistance in making peace with and removing them from your life so that you can be empowered in all matters of life.