At first, we didn't realize how necessary it would be to have a doula during my birth experience. We were fortunate enough to connect with LeVaughn during the final moments of my pregnancy. Her expertise and presence from the first time we met her and beyond the delivery room has been nothing short of amazing.

LeVaughn was able to educate us on the things we were unfamiliar about and helped support our decisions during a complicated childbirth. She set the ambiance and created an aura that even the doctors were intrigued by. Having her present during our child birth was the best decision we made and her guidance was heartfelt. Anyone will benefit from having LeVaughn as their doula. We're thankful!

-Sade & David

My hubby and I were nervous about being new parents. Levaughn helped me understand many things like creating a birthing plan, advocacy in the hospital, natural birth etc. Levaughn always included my hubby, spoke to him about how he was feeling and encouraged questions about anything during the pregnancy.
Levaughn is very down to earth, very informative, makes you feel secure in your decisions and is the best doula ever! I highly recommend her
. It's great having loved ones by your side as well as a doula.

- Q & Rob Allen

We're so thankful you were there to assist, hold & create a loving space that made the birth of Sophia easy, safe, successful & Fast!  

The Plummers

LeVaughn has helped me in more ways than one!


Although this is my 4th pregnancy, this is the first time I decided to use a Doula. She came recommended through the Brooklyn Birthing Center and based on her background in Spiritual Counseling, I was looking forward to working with her. I’m was going through a divorce, so having someone to help me work through some difficult emotions has been invaluable.


Dealing with a soon-to-be-ex spouse during such a sensitive time has not been easy, but with LeVaughn’s help, I’ve was able to work past the anger and negativity while also having someone to just listen and allow me to vent. Her easy going demeanor and gentle approach, in addition to shared spiritual beliefs, has been effective in helping me to stay positive and focus on myself and the baby. She was a calming presence, advocate and coach during my 3-hour active labor, and I’m grateful to have been among her clientele.

- Amira Glover

Being pregnant and having to endure the chaos of the world around us, every session with LeVaughn I feel like I am in my own world where I am free of everyday stressors/worries. LeVaughn treats you as if you were related and you feel the love flow from her heart as she welcomes you with open arms. If you have been recommended by a friend/associate to inquiry for LeVaughn's services, no need to second guess it - you will not regret it. I look forward to every session with her to become free within and to learn how to extend daily grace, mercies and abundance of love over myself. 


Thank you LeVaughn - shout outs all the way from Missouri. 

- Diamond

“LeVaughn's counsels are aligned with my self interests, are pure and without judgment. I believe her purpose is to promote happiness, peace and clarity to whomever she encounters and I am blessed to have crossed her path"

-  P.C.

“LeVaughn's keen ability to listen, support as well as encourage made me even more safe to reveal more of my personal obstacles in order to continue the healing process."

- Omena El

“I had an incredible experience with your healing. I was able to see the immediate changes and blocks were removed. A feeling of lightness of having released what does not serve me. Through your words and guidance, I have experienced a shift within myself and my beliefs. I am ever so grateful that the Universe led me to you and it is of great comfort to know I can turn to you for guidance."   

- Neetu Agarwal

“As an agnostic, LeVaughn brought Spiritual insight that saved my life. Her counseling was instrumental when I began to take steps towards my recovery." - J.V.