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Meet Rev. LeVaughn McPherson

Interfaith Reverend, Spiritual Counselor, & Birth Doula


A lover of autonomy, strength and peace. I use reverence, intuition, and love to serve those on their journey of self empowerment and transformation...


Purpose: To support the healing of beliefs that interfere with the creation of an Empowered and Fulfilled life.


Subconscious Release 

A simple yet results based method that gets to the bottom of what's blocking you from having a harmonious relationship with Self & the world around you. Whether your challenges show up in the areas of Love, Health, Family, or Career. The releasing of the old stuck energies will make space for healing and more empowered living.

What Clients Are Saying

Katrena, from Georgia



Working with LeVaughn is an absolute pleasure. As soon as I started my session with her, I felt a great sense of calm and reassurance that I was in good hands.

She navigated the session beautifully, always holding space for me. She has amazing intuition, and was able to get to the root cause of an issue with ease. 

After releasing the old beliefs that were negatively affecting me, I felt an incredible shift. Those particular beliefs are no longer weighing me down and I feel great and liberated!

LeVaughn is amazing at what she does, I'm so happy and grateful I have found her, and am so excited to start this healing journey with her.



I never before thought about speaking to someone about the blockage that I had in my life that stopped me from doing certain things. LeVaughn made me feel very comfortable during my session. I was able to speak freely and about anything that came to mind.  I was able to realize that I was the one creating the blockage in my life and why. Once the session was over I felt much lighter and free. The very next day I tackled one of my goals that I was putting off for a long time. I don’t think that I would have completed this goal if it wasn’t for our talk, I would have prolonged it for as long as I could’ve.

I am grateful for my release and look forward to many more.



LeVaughn helped me clear some deep issues around my mother that were causing some friction between us. LeVaughn has such a calmness and gentleness about her. She created a beautiful safe place where I really felt I could open up. I am happy to say that the friction is gone now and I am back to understanding my mother and her own beautiful journey.

Thank you so much LeVaughn you are beautiful and amazing.



LeVaughn is kind, genuine and caring. She made me feel comfortable when I shared things with her, and I felt like she genuinely wanted to help and support me through energy healing. She was patient and asked me questions to encourage me to dig deep into my heart. During the releases I felt relaxed and at ease and very calm and grounded afterwards. The words she used in our session were effective and I felt motivated and stronger afterwards. Her personality and the effectiveness of the clearings gave me a sense of peace and joy. I'm implementing her suggestions to help me in my life.

I definitely recommend her!

Thank you again LeVaughn!



I was able to clear stuck emotions around my sister and improve my connection with her so that we can have a happy family again. I am very grateful for LeVaughn being here as a facilitator of change. Thanks to her, healing happened that I’ve wanted for many years. 


Thank you 



LeVaughn led me to great insights into the negative thoughts I was experiencing which limited my beliefs in regards to fully accepting who I am and all the gifts I have been provided to share with others. Her clearing session put me on the path to become the person I know I'm meant to be while experiencing and appreciating my life.



I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to LeVaughn who helped me identify and kill the monster in my subconscious. I slept well and woke up feeling lighter. I couldn't believe what I discovered during the session. I let go of thinking I have to do everything and it seems what I want to be done is done. Sometimes without me asking. I am very pleased with the outcome from my first session. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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