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Rev. LeVaughn McPherson, Birth Doula


Birth Doula Care
Subconcious Release

Provide emotional, physical, informational support and advocacy to facilitate a happier and healthier pregnancy and birth experience.

Includes prenatal, labor & postpartum support, *evidence based & trauma informed care, *birth preferences, *power start to breastfeeding, *acupressure.

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The mental & emotional clutter accumulated from everyday living threatens overall health during the pregnancy, birth and the postpartum periods.


Frustration, fear, and overwhelm replace the feelings of joy and well being.


Prenatal Spiritual Counseling helps you get clear on your beliefs, desires, and values around pregnancy, birthing, & parenting in a context that honors you, baby & your spiritual connection.


Through this process we also identify hindering blocks to a healthy pregnancy and labor that once removed increases ones overall wellbeing, leaving you feeling more confident & empowered from pregnancy, birth & beyond. 

*Recommended for 1st time Parents;  those undergoing Fertility Treatment & those recovering from a traumatic birthing experience.

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Birth with Power & Confidence


Increase your chances of having a happier, healthier and safe labor & delivery by releasing your baggage.


Release common fears around pregnancy and labor that destroy confidence, wellbeing & flow.

Discover & Release the hidden mental and emotional blocks that take control of your life, leaving you feeling sick, depleted, defeated & overwhelmed.

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*In person, phone or zoom

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